Top 5 Dog Toys That Are Good For Teeth

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Our dogs love it when we head out for our weekly trip to the local pet store. They know it ultimately ends in their choice pick of a new toy or two. But these days with so many types of toys claiming to be healthy, indestructible and made overseas; it’s hard to know the best toys for them. While we tend to be more focused on ingredients and if they will rip it to shreds in a New York minute, we forget about one major factor -caninedental health. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 80% of dogs display symptoms of oral disease by the young age of only 3 years old.

Caring for your dog’s dental care gets expensive for you and painful for them when teeth break, decay or become loose. Taking preventative measures like providing dog toys which promote good dental hygiene can be investment in their dental health. But not all dog toys are created equal – nor are they good for your dog’s teeth as the package might claim. We’ve compiled the top 5 dog toys that are good for teeth, and will explain why so you can take a bite out of your Fido’s dental bill.

Tooth-Friendly Toys:

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

We admit most pet owners don’t think of fresh fruits and veggies as toys. But dogs love to play with their food! Baby carrots, seedless slices of apples, squash or pumpkin are packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and fun for them to gnaw on. Best of all, it can be healthy in more ways than one!

Rubber Toys

Rubber chews and treat dispensing toys like the Kong® are soft, flexible and durable. They’re great for removing food particles between teeth and tartar buildup. Kong®rubber toys provide hours of mental stimulation, and can be used as a reward after training activities. Many dog shelters use the Classic Kong® to help ease stress and boredom in dogs that are waiting to be adopted.


Nylabone® dental chews come in optional fun styles, sizes and enticing infused flavors to satisfy even the most finicky hardcore chewer. Each are made with durable nylon and strategically designed with raised nubbies to massage gums and remove hardened tartar.

Dental Treats

Greenies® Dental Treats have the unique combination of raised nubs and ridges to massage gums and remove lodged particles of food, as well as tartar and plaque build-up. Additionally,  Greenies® contain Chlorophyll to freshen up that foul ‘rotten trash’ breath.

Pressed Porkhide

High protein, low fat chews like Pig hide are easily digestible and clean the teeth. However, some dogs are exuberant chewers. So, please supervise at all times.

We understand you’re anxious to get a new toys, but hold onto your kibbles! Before stocking up on these toys, understand it’s just as important to take your dog to a veterinarian for a dental checkup.



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